Update: Achieving Passive Income Update: Achieving Passive Income

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In my very first post on this site, I explained that my goal has been to earn passive income from the comforts of my own home.
My attempts for achieving passive income has been creating targeted niche websites which would allow me to earn commission from affiliates.
Well, .

I am proud to say that FREDYEN.com has become one of my more successful projects

Being less than a year old, I have already managed to make healthy earnings from this website.

What do I mean by “Achieving Passive Income”?

Passive income is not achieved easily or possible by being lazy.
Passive income requires you to  dedicate a lot of hard work, time, and effort in the early stages of a  project to create some type of content or product.
That finished content or product then continues to earn you monthly income with little to no additional work.
FREDYEN.com is a clear example of this phenomenon.
Just look at the date of my very first post (December 2, 2012) to my last post (June 2, 2013), and now take notice the date of this very post here (October 26, 2013 ).
You can see that I spent 7 months of hard work creating content for this site and started to earn income from it rather quickly.
The content I created was as high quality as I could possibly make it.
The videos I uploaded took hours to film and even more hours to edit.

Even though my goal was never meant to make an impact on YouTube

my hard work has definitely paid off.
Currently at the time of this writing, .

I have 1,690 subscribers and over 347,989 total views on YouTube alone

I am very happy with those numbers considering I never planned to get any subscribers at all.
Is it really passive?.
Looking back at the post dates above, you can see that I took about 5 month hiatus from posting to this site.
There were 2 main reasons for the lack of updates during those months.
The first reason is to test the “passive” theory.
With no updates and no additional work from me, this website continued to grow not only in visitor traffic but also in monthly earnings.
The second reason was that I started a new niche project which I have been spending most of my time completing.
I may reveal this new niche website if there is enough interests, .

But this also brings me to my future plans of FREDYEN.com

I will talk more about it below.
Why am I bragging?.
Well the purpose of this update isn’t to brag or to turn my nose up at anyone.
The purpose is to show my visitors that achieving passive income is very possible and can be accomplished by anyone. Again, .

My first post explained that I wanted to create FREDYEN.com to be my authority site

A site that contains all of my interests.
Building websites is one of those interests and I am writing this more as an update about what I have been doing the past few months.
I also wanted to let you know that I will be creating much more content for this site.
I actually  have a lot of good stuff planned ahead.
One of the ideas I have planned, as mentioned above,  is to demonstrate step by step how to build a niche website.
I think this would be a fun project for both myself and any visitors that are interested in achieving your own passive income.
I can show you what tools to use and what key considerations to take when creating a website.
If there is enough interest in this project, I would be very excited to demonstrate the process.
So leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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Why Dropbox is Awesome for Bloggers!

Jeff October 30, 2013 at 5:13 pm Hey Fred, I’m interested in this project since I’m currently on disability and would have ample time to devote to such an effort.
One problem I can see right away is that without monitoring, some of your core users are suffering, .

Judging by the number of unanswered questions on your excellent DIY Guitar Kit Project

I have an interest in that as well because I would like to build the LP project and have some recently posted questions.
In looking at the lack of updates to the site I feared you might have been in an accident.
Back to this project, how do you deal with questions that will arise from the content without regular monitoring.
Thanks, Jeff.
Fred October 30, .

2013 at 10:38 pm Every question on this site is monitored and read

I receive an email as soon as a comment is posted.
I briefly explained the reasons for the lack of updates in the article above and do plan to take a more active role going forward.
My goal here is to give visitors a road map with clear instructions on how to complete a project within each article or video.
Unfortunately due to time constraints, I can not answer all questions but I do my best to answer as many as i can.
Danny Wean January 29, 2014 at 6:58 pm Hey Fred love the flow you have with ideas and making them realty im the same way myself always wanting to learn everything about anything I get myself into trust me your not alone my friend.
Im a guitarist myself and loved your dyi video and continued to watch more of your videos just cause you like some projects caught my interest.
I believe in you and you have themind set to do great things my friend.
I myself am getting ready to build a les paul copy cause I think having one I did myself adds more personal value to having it and I really dont care for any specific name brand .hell to be honest I get a ibanez I change the pick ups and half the stuff on them anyway so yeah im a tinker myself lol.
Anyway hope to hear that DYI play threw a amp it looks beautiful man keep up the good work and hope to see more videos soon.
Danny fred February 1, .

2014 at 9:58 pm Thanks for the comments Danny

Yeah the guitar projects are fun and I encourage you to give it a try, especially if you are a tinkerer too.

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Nel corso di una trasmissione in streaming su Twitch.

Remedy Entertainment ha mostrato i primi 15 minuti di gameplay di AWE

il nuovo DLC di Control.
Il segmento è poi stato caricato su YouTube, quindi se siete curiosi di vedere che combina Jesse non dovete fare altro che premere il tasto play qui sotto: La particolarita di questo nuovo DLC è la presenza, sospettata da molti ma rivelata concretamente allo State of Play di un mese fa, di Alan Wake.
L’intenzione di Remedy è infatti quella di fare sì che le sue prossime proprietà intellettuali coesistano all’interno dello stesso universo narrativo, e AWE sarà proprio il primo crossover.
Oltre a includere nuovi elementi della storia e ad espandere le avventure di Alan Wake, Control: AWE offirà ai giocatori anche nuovi mod e armi.
Il DLC sarà disponibile singolarmente, oppure come parte di Control: Ultimate Edition, l’edizione completa del gioco Remedy che uscirà su Steam il 27 agosto (in contemporanea con AWE), su PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Epic Games Store il 10 settembre e su PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X entro fine anno.

With the coronavirus pandemic showing little sign of ending anytime soon, more and more families are having to stay at home together 24/7.
Just because gyms are closed and daycare isn’t an option doesn’t mean parents can’t exercise and children can’t run around and play.
Now is the perfect time to start exercising with your kids, it will get you a needed workout and help your kids burn off some of their energy.
“It is enormously important that during the current crisis we all stay physically active at home- not just for our physical health, but also for our mental balance.
It is crucial that our children stay active because staying confined is particularly challenging for them due to their excess energy.
With a daily activity plan, we can turn this unorthodox situation into a positive one.
Let’s see this as an opportunity, not as a burden.
We have more time to stay active and to stay fit so that when this is over, we should all be the fittest we have been in years!” says Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic.
Exercising games with children is more focused on exercise play instead of a traditional workout.
Fitness with kids is all about fun and games.
We have found 10 fun and easy exercises to do with kids, that the whole family can enjoy.

Running: Running is the perfect exercise for kids and adults alike

It gets the heart pumping and blood flowing.
It is also an exercise that can be paired with numerous games.
You can have a relay race with your children, play tag, or even just chase each other around the house.
You can change things up by changing the running pattern.
Switch to skipping, high-knees, butt kicks, or even running in place with fast feet.
Running in place is an option if you live in a small space and don’t have access to a backyard.
children playing and run at home in the playroom Squat Relay: This is a great exercise that involves quick sprinting, squats, and motivational high-fives.
Have each member of the family go to different sides of the room.
Whenever you say the word “go!” everyone sprints to the center of the room and does three squats (you can increase based on ability).
Between each squat, every family member has to high-five the person across from them.
After the squats, everyone sprints back to their side of the room, then repeat.

Penguin Shuffle: Shuffling is a workout that is both fun and effective

Everyone starts on one wall, then, with hips and knees bent, eyes forward, and your chests lifted, everyone side-shuffles to the other side of the room.
Whoever wins gets to decide what exercise game to do next.
To make it more difficult or just to switch things up, have everyone hold a pillow (or any item) between their legs and see who can shuffle the quickest without dropping the pillow.

Musical Creepy Crawlies: Branching off of the classic game of musical chairs

musical creepy crawlies is a fun way to stretch your limbs and get your heart pumping.
You can either download a musical chairs player, look one up on YouTube, or assign someone to start and stop the music.
While the music is playing, everyone is laying on their backs, wiggling and kicking their arms and legs as fast as they can.
When the music stops everyone must jump up.
The last person to jump up is out.
The whole family can dance at home with the kids.
Jumping: Jumping is a great way to build muscle strength, increase exercise endurance, and exercise the heart.
Kids love to get their feet up and off the ground.

Have a parent be Simon and play a fun game of Simon Says

Start with hopping up and down, then switch to any other type of jumping exercise.
Some ideas include jumping jacks, one-foot hops, tuck jumps where you bend your knees while jumping, criss-cross jumps where you cross your legs or feet while jumping, and hurdle jumps where you jump forward and backward or side-to-side jumping over an invisible hurdle.
Traffic: This is a BOKS version of “Red Light Green Light.” Instead of just running and stopping, this includes other exercises and variations.
Choose someone to lead the game and then teach everyone the movement rules.
In the beginning, it may be easier to shout the movements along with the traffic call.Red light = Stop MovingGreen Light = RunYellow Light = Side ShuffleSpeed Bump = Bunny HopsCarpool = Find a Partner and Run Holding HandsDeer Crossing = Gallop Dance: Involve the family in dancercise.
Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite song and let each person lead the dancing to their favorite song.
You can also just dance together and have fun.
Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore and doesn’t have to involve classic workout moves.
Taking time to get your body moving and heart pumping is a wonderful way to exercise.
Stretching and yoga at home with the kids can be a lot of fun Play Cards: A fun way to involve games and kids in exercise is by incorporating them all together.
Pick your child’s favorite card game (face-cards, uno, or other) and assign each suit, color, or number an exercise.
Every time a 3 shows up, everyone has to do 3 jumping jacks or every time a red shows up, everyone has to do 5 burpees.
Mix and match with exercises everyone enjoys and everyone can participate in.

Corners: Divide everyone up so they each have a designate home corner

This can be done with music stopping and playing as with musical chairs or you can have a designated person to say “Go!” at any time.
When the music is playing, everyone is running around the room in a circle.
When the music stops, everyone runs to their corner and does an exercise until the music starts up again.
Let each corner decide what exercise they would like to do to give them ownership over the game.
Stretch: Take time to work the muscles and help them increase flexibility and range of motion.
Stretching also reduces the risk of injury, promotes blood circulation, and reduces muscle soreness.
Hold an impromptu yoga class with your family.
Lead them in simple yoga exercises and stretches.
Remember the importance of breathing.
Lead them in breathing exercises as well.
This will increase mindfulness and calm down the minds and bodies of your family.