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Hybrid Cloud Solutions .
Solutions Hybrid Cloud Solution Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Private Cloud and On-Premises Solutions

Ceph, Software Defined, and Other Infrastructures Private Cloud and On-Premises Solutions Why Hybrid Cloud.
Private Cloud and On-Premises Solutions.
Intel Private Cloud Solution.
Read More SUPERMICRO Private Cloud Solution.
Read More Ceph, Software Defined , and Other Infrastructures.
Read More Suse Ceph Total Solution .
Read More Red Hat Ceph Total Solution .

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Alibaba Cloud.

Read More Why Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud refers to a mixed computing, storage, and services environment made up of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud—such as Alibaba Cloud with orchestration among the various platforms.
(Read More) DiGiCOR partnered with world leading companies to make sure you can get a wholistic solution.
If you are considering a Hybrid Cloud Solution contact us right now we will help you configure your on premisis solution, get the perfect combination of hardware and software, and provide a public cloud platform for you.

A+ Server 4124GS-TNR.
Powered by Dual AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors The Supermicro 4124GS-TNR is an A+ Server optimised for AI and deep learning, supporting up to 10 double-width GPUs with direct connection for maximum performance .
Latest AMD based GPU Server AS-2014TP-HTR.
Powered by AMD EPYC 7002 (AMD ROME) SUPERMICRO model AS-2124BT-HTR is an A+ Server that is designed for providing optimisation and is ideal for Compute Intensive Applications, High Performance Computing, Data Centre and Enterprise Server, .

It is also the ideal match for Hyper scale/ Hyper converged infrastructure

Configure now AS-2124BT-HTR.
Powered by AMD EPYC 7002 (AMD ROME) SUPERMICRO model AS-2124BT-HTR is an A+ Server Designed for providing optimisation being ideal for Compute Intensive Application s, High Performance Computing, Data Centre and Enterprise Server.

It also ideal for Hyper scale/ Hyper converged infrastructure

Customise your server AS-1114S-WTRT.
Powered by AMD EPYC 7002 (AMD ROME) SUPERMICRO model AS-1114S-WTRT is an A+ Server designed for providing optimisation embedded with SUPERMICRO technology, being ideal for Virtualisation servers, Database Processing, Storage, Data Centre Applications and Firewall Apps.
Customise AMD EPYC.
2nd Generation (ROME) Virtually everything runs better on AMD EPYC 7002 Series Powered Servers Read More Intel Data Center Blocks.

Deploying Modern Infrastructure Is a Snap

Modernize and transform your data centre .

Intel Data Center Blocks provide public cloud-like scalability

with the security and control features of a private cloud.
Learn More Seagate.
Modern Storage Solutions Visit our Seagate Store and browse our comprehensive line of Seagate Exos and Nytro storage solutions that feature high- performance and exponential data growth.
Browse Seagate Range Upcoming webinar : You don’t want to miss our exciting, upcoming webinar: Responsive Memory.
Accelerated Performance REGISTER NOW OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES Server Storage.
Storage Expansion.
Desktop Workstation .
Solutions for Business.

Fast Delivery Guaranteed fast delivery time within Australia

Flexible We offer high quality and custom IT solutions that can be mix and matched to fit your business.
Affordable We offer highly competitive economical prices.
We guarantee it.
IT Infrastructure Solutions.
The Right Place for Servers, Workstations and Storages DiGiCOR provides IT infrastructure services from industry-leading servers and storage brands to improve high-performance computing, advanced AI and supercomputing for different industries and enterprises.
We strive to provide Australians with customised IT solutions to fit their unique business objectives.
We have worked with many top companies in various industries, providing a high level of expertise and compatibility in systems that will tackle the industry challenges.
We are a local one-stop-shop for IT infrastructure solutions Read More About Us DiGiCOR Rackmount Servers Australia DiGiCOR provides a wide range of one and two socket Rackmount Servers with a mix of flexible features to maximize performance.
scale to meet future data-driven demands and adapt to virtually any workload.
Learn More DiGiCOR-Rackmount-Server Seagate Storage Solutions DiGiCOR parts with one of the world leaders in storage solutions to help to protect memories, business intelligence, communication records and so much more.
Learn More Seagate OUR PARTNERS Intel With Intel, you can harness the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions.
See all Products Supermicro Supermicro is a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation.
See all Products VMware VMware vSAN powers industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions.
See all Products > Seagate Seagate data storage products create reliable solutions with breakthrough R&D.
See all Products ASUS ASUS server include everything needed for diverse applications such as HPC, data center, and cloud.
See all Products Global Industry leading partners AMD Bitdefender Alibaba Cloud Mellanox See All.

Author Luuk Waarbroek.
Luuk Waarbroek.

Luuk Waarbroek started in the game industry with creating big Unreal engine mods

He is now the jack-of-all-trades for Napalmtree, and he teaches game development .

Making people communicate with Tied Together

Luuk Waarbroek Developers Corner Tied Together is a local multiplayer party game where two to four players are tied together by a rope.
This requires all players to coordinate and communicate .
A simple jump obstacle can prove difficult if one.
Read More.
[email protected].


Use Cases.
Business cases for the analytics platform.
Whether you use an individual model or connect several together to form your own Analytic Chain, is your one-stop shop for sophisticated energy analytics .
Below are just some of the use cases for cQuant’s current analytics offering.
With new models added every 90 days.

The possibilities for new Analytic Chains are growing rapidly

so check back often for new and updated models.

Use Case: Analytic Transformation Webinar

Learn how Talen Energy adopted a new data analytics platform and increased their Q1 2020 earnings.


Portfolio Cash Flow Reporting/Scenario Analysis

Understand expected future cash flow and uncertainty related to market prices and physical operations.
Renewable PPA Valuation.
Assess fair market value and uncertainty for wind and solar power purchase agreements.

Thermal Generating Asset Valuation

Assess future value, cash flow, and uncertainty for dispatchable thermal energy generating assets.
Market Forecasting .
Simulate future market prices consistent with observed historical trends in price uncertainty down to the sub-hourly level.
Renewable Project Valuation.
Forecast future production value and understand revenue uncertainty from new or existing solar and wind projects.
Hedge Analysis.
Assess hedge effectiveness and risk reduction for a hybrid portfolio of physical and financial assets.
Value-at-Risk (VaR) Reporting.
Report value-at-risk (VaR), mark-to-market (MtM), and Greeks for a portfolio of financial co ntracts.
Mark-to-Market (MtM) Reporting.
Track current market value for a portfolio of physical and financial assets.

READ MORE cQuant Models

See our library of analytic models.

Category: Visual Impairment.
, , , , , ,.
Read More , , , , , , , , ,.
Read More , , , , , Awareness Training .
Our Disability Awareness Training is designed for any institutions working with people with disabilities whether they are clients or employees.
The training helps attendees understand the needs of disabled people and how an organisation can help support them.
Read More , , , , , , , Tech Support , DSA Students.

Get info on your DSA application

funding and how to redeem your quote on Assistive IT.
Read More , , , , , Access to Work.
Find out more about applying for an Access to Work grant and how it helps those who require reasonable adjustments to their workplace environment .
Read More DSA Advisors .
We make the DSA Assessor journey simple but informed.
Our dedicated website and quoting service are easy-to-use, comprehensive and worry-free.
Get the latest assistive technology all in one place.
Read More , , , , , , , ASN Access Fund.
Find out more about the funding available for young people in employability programmes with an additional-support need.
Funds can be used for equipment and personal support.
Read More Higher Education.
We help colleges and universities augment their tuition by providing specialist advice, training and equipment to help students overcome their learning barriers such as dyslexia.

We are Scotland’s leading DSA assistive-technology supplier

Read More , , , , , , Needs Assessments.
Our experienced assessors consider a person’s strengths, weaknesses and circumstances.
This forms the basis of an in-depth assessment report which helps to identify training solutions and the appropriate assistive-technology provision.
Read More , , , Case Studies, , , , , , Apprenticeship Assessors.
Modern Apprentices with additional support needs (ASN) require more support than typical employees.
Not only are they just starting out on their career, and therefore have limited workplace skills, but they may face distinct challenges which other employees do not.
Read More Load More 11-13 St Bryde Street East Kilbride G74 4HQ.
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Services – Manage Network Management

Providing comprehensive management of your organization’s network, ensuring full performance and maintaining exceptional quality of service.
Let’s Talk Constantly identifying and resolving network issues before they become problems.
CompuVision provides comprehensive outsourced management of the continually evolving IT technology necessary for the success of your business .
We support and manage every aspect of your network.

Providing a secure environment via firewall management and VPN

and carry out full monitoring and reporting.

CompuVision takes on the protection

management and monitoring of your network, giving you peace of mind as well as in-depth performance analytics.
By taking on the management of your network and leveraging best practices and shared resources, .

CompuVision can have a hugely positive impact on your users’ experience with IT

ISP management .
DNS management .
Wireless, router and switch management .
Firewall management .
Asset reporting .
KPI and metrics ( reporting ).
Configuration management .

Get Started Today Managing successful outcomes for our clients

“CompuVision has played a critical role in the firm’s efforts to upgrade our network platform.
We have always found them to be very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.”.
John HawkeC.
O., .

McLeod Law LLP All of our Manage IT services

Leveraging best practices and shared resources to positively impact your experience with IT.
Planing long-term IT roadmaps and enacting ambitious development projects to drive your business forward.
Learn More.
Ensuring your IT meets the highest level of compliance with regulatory standards and sector best practices.
Learn More.
Ensuring your systems run smoothly, and guaranteeing the very best end user experiences.
Learn More.
Managing your desktop environment to ensure a simple, fast and reliable virtual desktop performance.
Learn More.
Ensuring data security and scalability, with management, monitoring and administration of your servers.
Learn More Cloud Services and Management.
Reducing your IT overhead with agile, scalable and efficient cloud computing.

Learn More IT Asset Administration

Tracking your company’s assets, and ensuring you have the right tools and resources to manage them.
Learn More.
Managing your organization’s network to ensure performance and exceptional quality of service.
Learn More Procurement.
Procuring technology your business needs to succeed, through our contacts and purchasing power.

Learn More Looking for a partner

Try Managed Plus.
We allow you to focus on what you’re best at – running your business.
We will take care of everything else.
Discover Managed Plus See Our Partners Need more.
Try Manage.
CompuVision positively impacts your business with predictable results and strategic IT services.

Get Managed IT Security needs

Learn about Protect.
CompuVision uses top IT security tools and leverages the latest in AI technology to proactively protect your business.
Get Protected Come for a tour to see how we can make a positive technology impact to your organization today.
Or call to speak with a team member now.
1-587-525-7600 First Name.
Last Name.
Phone Number.
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: Wish List:
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Press Mentions.
Press Mentions.
Home / / Press Mentions CaterTrax News.
Welcome to CaterTrax.
CaterTrax’s news, press releases and resources will keep you updated as our technology, our services, and our employees are celebrated.
Stay in the loop on new product developments, community events, customer stories, and more as it all unfolds.
February 21.

2020 CaterTrax Launches AI Powered Accessibility Technology

CaterTrax Assist.
“CaterTrax is committed to providing inclusive technology that reflects the core values of our team, and our clients.
We believe in the mission of accessibility, and, also recognize the complexity in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape across multiple technology stacks,” shared CaterTrax Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Luchetti.
“Our collaboration with accessiBe provides the ideal solution for our clients.” Learn More   June 20.

2018 CaterTrax Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Clint Tyler.

We’re continuing to strengthen company leadership by adding Clint to the team

He is an experienced leader and a strong match with our company’s core values, culture, and focus on delivering excellent services and solutions for our partners and clients.
Clint is looking forward to building and growing the relationship with our clients and partners, focusing on their challenges, .

And harnessing the CaterTrax community to drive value into the solutions

Learn More March 22, .

2018 CaterTrax Announces Jeff Luchetti as New Chief Executive Officer

CaterTrax was excited to welcome Jeff to the team as our CFO in 2015 because we felt his diverse background of experiences and skills aligned with the needs of the company that would help him drive financial strategies as well as day-to-day tactical execution.
This has continued to be even more the case regarding Jeff and we’re looking forward to his leadership as he looks to transition into his new role as CEO.
We’re also excited to welcome our new VP of Finance, Greg Boike, to the team.
Learn More 1 2 3 4 5 » Cover CaterTrax.
Cover CaterTrax.

We’ve collected some stuff you might need while covering CaterTrax

from the basics to expert sources.
Send press inquiries to:[email protected] our brand assets.
Press Mentions.

Critical Care.
Critical Care.
Critical Care.
In a data-rich environment, the most crucial signs may go unnoticed.
Critical care is a one of the most technology-dependent, data-rich environments in the hospital.
High-fidelity data in this setting is crucial in enabling early detection of deterioration and prompt clinical decision-making.
With up to 2.2 million data elements1 and 770 alarms2 generated, per ICU bed, per day it’s easy to see that monitoring these variables and alarms can take a toll.
Compounding this problem is the fact that clinicians aren’t always getting the data they need at the bedside, further impacting their decision-making and patient outcomes.
Data Coordination is Challenging 74 % of nurses reported that the coordination of data collected by medical devices is burdensome 3 High Rate of False Positive Alarms 90 % of all alarms in critical-care monitoring are false positives 4 Patient Experience Affected by Alarms 18 % of bedside clinicians reported patients experiencing adverse events related to alarms at their institutions 5 Critical care is data rich and insight poor.
Dozens of monitoring devices, each generating enormous amounts of siloed data.
This data is complex and dynamic, requiring a high degree of integration and context to be interpreted effectively.
Lack of timely, evidence-based decision support and guidance.
The problem is aggravated by the sheer volume of alarms, which can distract and overwhelm caregivers.
The right data at precisely the right time.

More relevant and timely clinical insights through aggregation

normalization and visualization of virtually all device data across departments.
Improved efficiency and reduced data latency by streamlining capture and documentation.
Smarter alarms through data that is tailored to the unique needs of an alarm management solution.
Greater patient knowledge, better patient care.

Capsule’s solutions gives each caregiver the precise and timely data they need to act

Our solutions aggregate and tailor data, including waveforms, to support the unique needs of downstream systems like alarm management, helping clinicians intelligently prioritize and escalate care.
Our offering takes device data management to a new level.
Enabling health systems to select any or all of the rich device data collected, allowing the customization of sampling rate and format required by receiving systems.
Our solution connects and tailors data for leading systems.
We simplify the process of acquiring and using data-driven insights to drive positive health outcomes.
A mobile clinical computer features built-in connectivity ports and the ability to manage data and connectivity status from multiple devices on a single display.

Learn More Axon

A single-, four- or eight-port serial to network bridge providing robust connectivity to the EMR in crowded care areas like the ICU.
Learn More Find out more about data management solutions from Capsule, and how they can transform mountains of device data into highly contextual clinical insight.

Download Insights & Events

Catch up on the latest from Capsule

September 1, 2020 The Right Medical Device Integration Strategy Can Increase the Efficiency of Medical Device Security.
Blog In a survey of healthcare information security professionals taken before the pandemic, a majority of respondents acknowledged that their organizations experienced a significant security incident.

Read More August 20

2020 Capsule Technologies Expands COVID-19 Relief Efforts.
Press Release To give hospitals greater flexibility in their ongoing response to COVID-19, Capsule Technologies announced today the availability of the cloud deployed and managed version of its Ventilated Patient Surveillance (VPS) workstation powered by Microsoft Azure.

The news marks an extension of Capsule’s long-standing collaboration with Microsoft

Read More 1 Data on file

Capsule 2018.
2 Jones K.

Alarm fatigue a top patient safety hazard. CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association Journal

3 Westhealth Institute.
Miss Connections.
A Nurses Survey on Interoperability and Patient Care.
March 2015.
4 Imhoff M, Kuhls S, Gather U, et al.

Smart alarms from medical devices in the OR and ICU

Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol 2009;23:39–50

5 Funk M, Clark JT, Bauld TJ, Ott JC, Cross P.
Attitudes and Practices Related to Clinical Alarms.
Am J Crit Care May 2014 vol.
23 no.
3 e9-e18.
Critical Care.