/ Collection Konosuba Single Cards Filter No filter ” Adventure r” Kazuma “Adventures About to Begin.
“Awfully Reserved Today” Me.
“Being Shy” Eris “Blessed With Kind Encounte.
“Board Game” Megumin “Bonafide Pervert” Darkness “Calling for Teacher” Megumin “Can’t Say It Straight” Yunyun “Charge Attack!” Darkness “Concurrent Strike!!” Wiz “Covered in Snot” Aqua “Create Water” Kazuma “Crimson Demon” Megumin.
“Demand for Apology” Aqua “Fear of Dolls” Megumin “Finished Learning A Skill”.
“Flattering” Aqua “Full of Smiles” Aqua “Gathering Ideas” Chris “Gentle Goddess” Eris “Gentle Lich” Wiz “Gentle Smile” Eris “Goddess In Charge of Backw.
“Going All Out!” Aqua “Head of the Axis Sect” Aqua “Highly-skilled Arch Wizard.
“Imperial Capital Prosecuto.
“In Deep Sleep” Aqua “Insistence” Megumin ” Insufficient Magic” Wiz “Invitation to Learn Skill”.
“Involving Megumin” Yunyun “Knowledge of Learning A Sk.
“Lich” Wiz “Long-term Contract Negotia.
“Lots of Anxiety” Kazuma “Marbled Red Crab” Megumin “Model Knight?” Darkness “My Name Is” Yunyun “Nature’s Beauty” Aqua “Nice Explosion!” Megumin “Nuisance” Megumin “Nuisance” Megumin (SR) “Please Use Me As A Shield”.
“Polite” Yunyun “Pouring Tea” Wiz “Providing Magic” Aqua “Provoking Style” Aqua “Quest Clear” Aqua “Real Goddess?” Aqua “Sacred Create Water” Aqua “Sacred Turn Undead ” Aqua “Seems Happy” Darkness.
“Skill Lecture” Chris “Something That Must Be Pro.
“Special Talent is Fantasiz.
“Spell Casting” Megumin “Standing Tall With Arms Wi.
“Steal Successful.
?” Chris “Steal” Kazuma “Stunned” Aqua “Successful Rescue” Darkness “Tasty Way to Drink” Aqua “Town Celebrity” Wiz “Troublemaker” Aqua (SR) Aqua.
Drain Touch Explosion Magic Freeze Giant Toad God Blow Kazuma Keeps Firing Explosion Magi.
KonoSuba Luna Masochistic Crusader Megumin Megumin’s Rival Mitsurugi Petit Aqua Petit Darkness Petit Kazuma.
Signed Single Card SP SR Thief Skill Tremble With Pleasure Weiss Schwarz “Explosive Magic Ready” Meg.
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?” Chris (RRR) “Steal Successful.
?” Chris (RRR) View this Product “Polite” Yunyun (SR) “Polite” Yunyun (SR) View this Product “Special Talent is Fantasizing” Darkness (RRR) “Special Talent is Fantasizing” Darkness (RRR) Near Mint – $6.19.
?” Chris $3.53 “Steal Successful.
?” Chris Add 1x Near Mint ($3.53 ) to Cart $3.53 Near Mint – $2.65 View this Product ” Significance of Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua $2.65 “Significance of Killing Snow Sprites?” Aqua.