Pros & Cons of Remote Start Key Fobs Who remembers the old days when people needed to actually be inside their car to start it up.
All jokes aside, remote start key fobs are a fabulous advancement of modern technology that make life so much easier for every car owner.

Even Mesa car locksmiths will agree that having a remote start key fob is a must

Besides for the obvious, there are actually several benefits that can be had from owning a remote start.
And as is the pattern of all things with benefits, there are a few disadvantages as well.
The expert Queen Creek mobile auto locksmiths at US Key Service have compiled a thorough pros and cons list, so you can decide if having a remote start key fob is the right choice for you.
PROS: 1.- Warm and Cool It Beforehand – Setting the ideal inside temperature before even entering your vehicle is a huge bonus of owning a remote start key fob.

Especially in the intense Arizona heat

having the ability to cool off your car before sliding in and burning yourself on the seats and steering wheel is unbeatable.
Or, if you live in a cooler climate, being able to warm up your car before driving in the wintertime goes a long way toward being comfortable while driving rather than freezing to death, just waiting for the engine to warm up.
Not to mention your windows will be defrosted and you will actually be able to see the road so you can drive safely.
This feature particularly helpful if you have kids as well, since they are somewhat less tolerant of heat and cold extremes.
The San Tan Valley auto locksmiths at US Key Service agree that preheating or cooling your car is also good for your engine.
Particularly in cold climates, warming up the engine is crucial to helping it run to the best of its ability.

Warming up the engine ensures better oil lubrication while running

which will help prevent expensive car repairs and maintenance.
2.- Added Security – Once the engine is activated by the remote start feature, the doors are automatically locked so nobody is able to get inside unless they are actually holding the key.
This added security is a huge advantage, for those times you start your car so it cools down before you leave work, or if you simply don’t live in the best area of town and car theft is a common issue.

It makes the possibility of needing Chandler car lockout services disappear

since the car will not lock if the keys are inside of it.
3.- Smart Phone Control – There are additional features you can purchase for your remote starter, including integrated security, car alarm system, or the ability to link with your smartphone.
When you connect the starter with your phone, you are able to: – Start your car from essentially anywhere – Track your car in a crowded area to save extra walking – Lock and unlock the doors from your phone – Receive an instant alert if the car alarm is triggered – You can receive convenient after-hours driving alerts about city ordinances or traffic laws to keep yourself in check – Check and set the temperature in your vehicle from your phone – If you need help getting into your car for any reason, your smartphone makes it simple to find a reputable, .

Local Mesa emergency car locksmith available to help at the push of a button

4.- Boost Resale Value – If you have a remote starter installed in your vehicle, its value will be greatly increased.
People are generally aware of the many conveniences and comforts that come along with having a remote start key fob, and they are willing to pay extra money for those advantages.
Installing the remote starter is an initially affordable process, so you will get your money back and then some when it comes time to resell.

CONS: 1.- Extra Weight – A small disadvantage but still worth noting

the extra weight that a key fob puts on your keyring could be a deterrent to some.
Many people prefer their keys to be lightweight and slim enough to slide into their pocket comfortably.
Key fobs are a bit bulkier and heavier than typical keys.
2.- Price Point – Because of their convenience and function, remote start key fobs are typically a bit expensive, with the lowest price starting around $40.
The more features that get added on, such as smartphone integration, the higher the price goes.
It is important to keep track of your remote start key fob and not misplace it.

Most locksmiths will agree that to replace lost car keys in Phoenix

especially a remote start fob, can be quite the ordeal.
It is expensive, and the process to reprogram a new fob is complex and best left to the professionals.

US Key Service can easily replace your lost key fobs

reprogram the new ones, and replace worn out car locks in Mesa as well.
3.- Wasted Fuel – One downside to starting your car early every single day is the amount of fuel that gets wasted.
While it is extremely minimal in each instance, over time that little bit adds up to quite a lot, which can get expensive and increase poor air quality.
It is important to note that when fuel burns, CO2 is also emitted, which increases air pollution.
Once you install a remote starter, you may notice that you need to refuel your vehicle more often than before.
4.- Excessive Engine Wear – Lastly, running your vehicle engine longer than you may have before you had a remote start leads to more engine wear, which means you need to stay extra attentive to your fluid levels.
Keep in mind that your fuel will not actually burn off fully unless you are driving the vehicle, so that can cause additional engine trouble in the long run as well.
If you have been considering adding a remote start to your vehicle, .

Talk with the experts at US Key Service to learn more about the pros and cons of doing so

Our locksmiths specialize in Mesa car door lock repair

key replacement, mobile locksmith services, key fob programming, and so much more.

US Key Service can help you get a remote start installed in your vehicle

offer advice about special features and how to use them, and will help you determine which remote start features would be right for you.
We are fast, friendly, and affordable, and our comprehensive services consistently receive five-star ratings.
Call us today to get started.
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Nieuwe release WMS Orderpicken-app en WMS dashboard Er is een nieuwe release beschikbaar voor de WMS Orderpicken-app en het WMS Dashboard.

Nieuwe functionaliteiten WMS Orderpicken-app: Orderpicken Basis

Plus & Pro: Colli omschrijving tonen Orderpicken Basis, Plus & Pro: Order informatie verplicht lezen (indien ingesteld in WMS Dashboard) Orderpicken Pro: Partij registrerende artikelen picken met zelf ingegeven partijnummer Orderpicken Pro: Artikelinfo scherm uitbreiden met partij informatie Orderpicken Pro: Orderprioriteit kunnen zien Nieuwe functionaliteiten WMS dashboard: Orderprioriteit toewijzen binnen het Dashboard Meerdere orders gelijktijdig kunnen selecteren en toewijzen aan scanner ‘Orderinformatie verplicht lezen’ kunnen instellen Bekijk alle King apps Nog niet bekend met de WMS Orderpicken app.
Orderpicking is een proces dat foutloos en zo efficiënt en snel mogelijk moet gebeuren.
Met WMS Orderpicken werk je sneller en efficiënter tijdens het verzamelen van de orders en je maakt minder fouten.
Iedere medewerker, zonder diepgaande kennis van de producten of magazijnindeling, kan werken met de app.

Automatiseer je magazijn eenvoudig met WMS Orderpicken en bespaar tijd en geld

De app is beschikbaar voor Android vanaf King release 5.61 vanaf versie Handel of hoger

De app is er in meerdere versies: Basis, Plus en Pro.
De functionaliteiten verschillen per versie.

Download de WMS Orderpicken-app Meer informatie

Bel ons op 010-2646320 Mail naar [email protected] Lees ook… King 5.62; het startscherm aanpassen Nieuwe release WMS Orderpicken-app en WMS dashboard King 5.62 nu beschikbaar.

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With the coronavirus pandemic showing little sign of ending anytime soon, more and more families are having to stay at home together 24/7.
Just because gyms are closed and daycare isn’t an option doesn’t mean parents can’t exercise and children can’t run around and play.
Now is the perfect time to start exercising with your kids, it will get you a needed workout and help your kids burn off some of their energy.
“It is enormously important that during the current crisis we all stay physically active at home- not just for our physical health, but also for our mental balance.
It is crucial that our children stay active because staying confined is particularly challenging for them due to their excess energy.
With a daily activity plan, we can turn this unorthodox situation into a positive one.
Let’s see this as an opportunity, not as a burden.
We have more time to stay active and to stay fit so that when this is over, we should all be the fittest we have been in years!” says Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic.
Exercising games with children is more focused on exercise play instead of a traditional workout.
Fitness with kids is all about fun and games.
We have found 10 fun and easy exercises to do with kids, that the whole family can enjoy.

Running: Running is the perfect exercise for kids and adults alike

It gets the heart pumping and blood flowing.
It is also an exercise that can be paired with numerous games.
You can have a relay race with your children, play tag, or even just chase each other around the house.
You can change things up by changing the running pattern.
Switch to skipping, high-knees, butt kicks, or even running in place with fast feet.
Running in place is an option if you live in a small space and don’t have access to a backyard.
children playing and run at home in the playroom Squat Relay: This is a great exercise that involves quick sprinting, squats, and motivational high-fives.
Have each member of the family go to different sides of the room.
Whenever you say the word “go!” everyone sprints to the center of the room and does three squats (you can increase based on ability).
Between each squat, every family member has to high-five the person across from them.
After the squats, everyone sprints back to their side of the room, then repeat.

Penguin Shuffle: Shuffling is a workout that is both fun and effective

Everyone starts on one wall, then, with hips and knees bent, eyes forward, and your chests lifted, everyone side-shuffles to the other side of the room.
Whoever wins gets to decide what exercise game to do next.
To make it more difficult or just to switch things up, have everyone hold a pillow (or any item) between their legs and see who can shuffle the quickest without dropping the pillow.

Musical Creepy Crawlies: Branching off of the classic game of musical chairs

musical creepy crawlies is a fun way to stretch your limbs and get your heart pumping.
You can either download a musical chairs player, look one up on YouTube, or assign someone to start and stop the music.
While the music is playing, everyone is laying on their backs, wiggling and kicking their arms and legs as fast as they can.
When the music stops everyone must jump up.
The last person to jump up is out.
The whole family can dance at home with the kids.
Jumping: Jumping is a great way to build muscle strength, increase exercise endurance, and exercise the heart.
Kids love to get their feet up and off the ground.

Have a parent be Simon and play a fun game of Simon Says

Start with hopping up and down, then switch to any other type of jumping exercise.
Some ideas include jumping jacks, one-foot hops, tuck jumps where you bend your knees while jumping, criss-cross jumps where you cross your legs or feet while jumping, and hurdle jumps where you jump forward and backward or side-to-side jumping over an invisible hurdle.
Traffic: This is a BOKS version of “Red Light Green Light.” Instead of just running and stopping, this includes other exercises and variations.
Choose someone to lead the game and then teach everyone the movement rules.
In the beginning, it may be easier to shout the movements along with the traffic call.Red light = Stop MovingGreen Light = RunYellow Light = Side ShuffleSpeed Bump = Bunny HopsCarpool = Find a Partner and Run Holding HandsDeer Crossing = Gallop Dance: Involve the family in dancercise.
Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite song and let each person lead the dancing to their favorite song.
You can also just dance together and have fun.
Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore and doesn’t have to involve classic workout moves.
Taking time to get your body moving and heart pumping is a wonderful way to exercise.
Stretching and yoga at home with the kids can be a lot of fun Play Cards: A fun way to involve games and kids in exercise is by incorporating them all together.
Pick your child’s favorite card game (face-cards, uno, or other) and assign each suit, color, or number an exercise.
Every time a 3 shows up, everyone has to do 3 jumping jacks or every time a red shows up, everyone has to do 5 burpees.
Mix and match with exercises everyone enjoys and everyone can participate in.

Corners: Divide everyone up so they each have a designate home corner

This can be done with music stopping and playing as with musical chairs or you can have a designated person to say “Go!” at any time.
When the music is playing, everyone is running around the room in a circle.
When the music stops, everyone runs to their corner and does an exercise until the music starts up again.
Let each corner decide what exercise they would like to do to give them ownership over the game.
Stretch: Take time to work the muscles and help them increase flexibility and range of motion.
Stretching also reduces the risk of injury, promotes blood circulation, and reduces muscle soreness.
Hold an impromptu yoga class with your family.
Lead them in simple yoga exercises and stretches.
Remember the importance of breathing.
Lead them in breathing exercises as well.
This will increase mindfulness and calm down the minds and bodies of your family.

We shine the spotlight on an exciting and innovative product that Japanese tuner ENDLESS (mostly known for their high-performance braking systems) brought to the SR20DET market back in 2008 – a complete twin-turbo setup.
This product is, of course, a complete twin turbo kit to suit Nissan’s SR20DET engine.

Utilising two small TRUST / GReddy TD05-16G turbos on a completely custom manifold

downpipe and intercooler, the SR20DETT was run at 2.2bar on a built “bentcam” SR.
When they released the kit, it included: 2 x TD05-16G turbine units Custom twin turbo downpipe Custom twin turbo Manifold Waste gates Custom intercooler Assorted “small parts” For this shopping list of parts they were asking for circa 300,000 YEN plus shipping – that’s roughly $2,700 USD or £2,200 GBP.
ENDLESS reported that the kit achieved peak boost at 5,500rpm and started dropping off at 6,000rpm.
When asked what would be required to fit this kit, ENDLESS said: “You would need Power steering tank movement,power steering welding,power trangister movement,and no ABS.” What a bargain, a full twin turbo kit for under $3k.
Having this sweet setup under your hood at a car show will definitely turn some heads.
You can find the original article here.

Thanks to Endless for use of their photography


Amazon Web Services database (AWS) is extraordinarily popular

with 80% of enterprises considering AWS as their favorite cloud-based service.

Such popularity results in neverending growth for AWS

In fact, it can be pretty hard to keep up with all of the changes.  If you’re struggling to keep up with Amazon’s “AWS: What’s New” page, you’re not alone.
We’ve compiled a list of the most important updates just for you.  AWS Backup At the beginning of 2019, AWS created a brand new backup service: AWS Backup. It comes with a variety of advanced AWS features that make it stand out among competitors.
One of the most notable features of the update is its ability to work with third-party products.  In other words, AWS Backup is completely centralized and simplified.

Users can now run backups throughout all of AWS including Amazon RDS

Amazon EBS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EFS, as well as AWS Storage Gateway.  On-Demand DynamoDB Introduced at last year’s AWS re:Invent conference, the On-Demand DynamoDB functions as a billing system that requires no capacity planning.
It’s able to fulfill thousands of requests in just one second. Plus, the pay-per-request pricing makes it simple to weigh expenses and performance.  Amazon Timestream Amazon Timestream comes in handy for DevOps looking for real-time performance data for their application.
Timestream is capable of processing trillions of events in one day for at an affordable price.
This makes it ideal for DevOps and other companies to use it to monitor their product or even a user’s experience with an app.  Amazon Textract Amazon Textract was another groundbreaking announcement during 2018’s re:Invent AWS.
The time-consuming process of manual data entry might not exist in the future–Amazon Textract is bound to eliminate it eventually.

Not only does Amazon Textract have the ability to read all kinds of documents

but it can accurately record any text in forms or tables.
This makes a developer’s life a lot easier, as it can comb through millions of pages in mere hours.  AWS RoboMaker Have you ever wanted to build your very own robot.
Well, now you can.  Corporations are taking advantage of one of the most the shocking AWS announcements: AWS RoboMaker. This program gives businesses all the tools they need in order to plan, test, and set up robotic applications.
AWS RoboMaker makes it easier for growing businesses to save time and money on IT costs.  Before AWS RoboMaker, there was no efficient way to develop robots for a company’s needs.
The process was just too costly for many businesses, but AWS RoboMaker makes it much more cost-effective.  Keeping up with Amazon Web Services Database Updates Every year, it seems like the Amazon Web Services Database offers a new tool of the future. It can be helpful for business owners to stay updated on the newest products that they can use to improve their company.  While it’s true that AWS has one of the most popular cloud-based services, how do you know if it’s the right one for your business? Our scalable and secure cloud services may be the better fit. Find out what we can do for your company, and check out our cloud computing plans..

Google Duo is a simple 1-to-1 video calling app available for Android and iOS

In order to use Google Duo all you need is your phone number

no separate account is necessary.
All Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted, and naturally, the video resolution quality will depend on the speed of your connection.

Duo can switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call

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