Key Features of our IT Support for Charities Service

IT Support for Charities.
Get more done with less.
It’s a key focus for most charities. How do you do more with less, every day.
Part of the answer lies in spending funds wisely on your IT investments.
When you use IT to remove obstacles to productivity, your team can get more done. That means more services delivered and more funds retained.
No matter the size of your organisation, we provide a full suite of IT services for Charities that enable you to get more done with limited funds, every day.
Key Features of our IT Support for Charities Service.
Australian-based Service Desk.

All our team are located in Australia

We speak plainly and get to the heart of your issues fast.
You can rely on our clear communication.
All-inclusive Managed Services.
Level 1-3 Service Desk, Backup testing and restoration, Emergency response, On-site attendance, Extended Hours of service and more are all included.
Single Source Supplier.
We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to IT.
We can specify, supply, install and maintain every IT asset or application you need.
NFP License Management.
You can access special prices for software and hardware when you procure them through us.
We have many industry relationships that we can leverage to get you the best price.
Grant-writing assistance.
If you’re applying for a grant to fund an improvement in your IT, we can help you put your best foot forward.
Our team will help you win the grant.
Fast Resolution.
More than 90% of managed IT service tickets are resolved at the first level of contact, in the first call or email.
Nationwide Service Delivery.
We have boots on the ground where you need them in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
Beyond that, we can visit your remote locations as required.
Large Team.
38 full-time staff and a cohort of more than 50 specialists around the country are ready to provide the exact service combination you require.
We fit with your internal team.
We are past masters at integrating with internal IT teams, freeing your staff from frontline support so they can concentrate on items of strategic importance.
Competitive Pricing.
We regularly test the market on prices and usually place in the 70th percentile on cost.
Not the cheapest, but typically the best value (if we do say so ourselves!).

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