USA Directed by: Steve Miner Starring: Julian Sands

Miss Risk’s Dungeon.
September 7, 2016    Tristan Risk     I have a confession to make: I began watching this film for utterly biased reasons.
It’s not because I had a burning desire to see what I thought was going to be IDLE HANDS GOES NORTH, but because I wanted to see my lover, Burns The Dragon, pretending… [LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON] THE LOST BOYS (1987).
August 18, 2015    Tristan Risk         The joy of keeping company with people who are your junior in years is that you have a wealth of experience to share.
In my own case, having to explain to a friend how to people my age, vampires are not of the sparkling variety.
July 20, 2015    Tristan Risk   I would like to preface this by saying that this is in no way an exhaustive list of all of the music videos that have been created, ever, with the theme of science fiction .
Actually, I was going to write about my top list of music video s featuring space… [LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON] TIME TO KILL (2014).
January 24, 2015          TIME TO KILL USA 2014 Dir: Brian Williams Starring: Elie Church, Debbie Rochon, and Charlie Moon     One of the cool things about working in the film business is when rad little gems skitter across your path like little plague rats of happiness on the docks… [LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON] PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974).
January 16, 2015      PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE USA, 1974 Directed by: Brian De Palma   Starring: William Finley, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper and narrated by Rod Serling   This started a while ago, and in fact, does not start with PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE.
This actually starts with two events that sparked… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON!: SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA (1988).
October 14, 2014        Once upon a time I was dating this guy, and we made it our thing to hole up in his boat, ingest various forms of intoxicants, have sex and watch a large number of movies not found at the local Blockbuster. Most of these came from either the now-defunct Videomatica in Vancouver,… Little Miss Risk attends a ZOMBIE BEACH PARTY.
July 31, 2014    ENTER… ZOMBIE KING.

(aka ZOMBIE BEACH PARTY) 2003 Dir: Stacey Case (El Zorrero Films) Cast: Jules Delorme

Jennifer Thom, Raymond Carle, Rob Etcheverria, Sean K.
Robb, Nicholas Sinn Back in the day, when I was part of a ridiculous rock n roll psychobilly stripping circus, I learned the fine art… Little Miss Risk gets Literary with a look at David Flint’s SHEER FILTH.
June 19, 2014    Sheer Filth Edited by David Flint FAB Press 2014 Once upon a time , when I was much younger and impetuous, I frequented downtown Vancouver’s Granville street.
In those days it was hanging between the glory of being ‘Theatre Row’ to what it more or less is now, which is akin… Little Miss Risk Returns to a Childhood Memory with WATCHER IN THE WOODS.
June 10, 2014    WATCHER IN THE WOODS 1981 DIR: John Hough CAST: Bette Davis, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Kyle Richards, Carroll Baker, David McCallum It’s important to always try to expand our horizons.
It’s the way we grow and evolve as people doing little personal development exercises.
It prevents stagnation of the mind and challenges… LITTLE MISS RISK TAKES ON ‘THE MINI-SKIRT MOB!’.
March 27, 2014    You might not know this about me, but I’m in a girl gang.
Vancouver plays home to a number of female-ruled factions: The Hoots, The Banshees, and my own group, The WereCunts.
Typically, skirmishes consist of wearing our logos, hanging with our clique, and if our paths cross a rival,… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON: WARLOCK (1989).
January 26, 2014      WARLOCK   1989, USA Directed by: Steve Miner Starring: Julian Sands, Lori Singer, Richard E.
Grant       So, for those who don’t know, .

I used to LARP (Live Action Role-Play)

One could argue that this was a good way of working on improvisational acting skills.
January 15, 2014      HOUSE OF WHIPCORD 1974 Dir: Pete Walker Starring: Barbara Markham, Patrick Barr, Ray Brooks, Ann Michelle, Sheila Keith   So in my voracious search to find more celluloid weirdness, I found myself stumbling over the oeuvre of one Pete Walker.  Weaned on Hammer Horror and feeling that they were horror for… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON: EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT KINK I LEARNED FROM LIVE-ACTION ROLE PLAY.
November 25, 2013    Two summers back, I was invited to perform at Restricted Entertainment’s Lust In Space Fetish Fashion Show.
The crew who is behind the most notorious and outrageous fetish parties in Vancouver, BC was throwing a doozy in full-on science friction.
I wasn’t walking the catwalk this particular year, though there… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON: FOUR ON THE FLOOR: A LOOK AT CAT PEOPLE AND THE 1982 REMAKE.
November 15, 2013    A little bit of background here: I have been trying to write/post about these two films for, oh, about two years now.
G will likely correct me on actual accuracy of that, but rest assured that the bottom line is, I’ve been thinking about these two films for a long… LITTLE MISS RISK PRESENTS: THE TOP 10 LEGENDS OF BURLESQUE.
August 21, 2013    Okay, .

First of all here is a disclaimer: this is not a definitive Top Ten list

It’s my Top 10 list of burlesque Legends

To those not au fait with our Glitter Tribe’s terminology, the term “Legend” is one of respect to our grand dames who came before us.
May 1, 2013      Oh, vanity.
It gets the better of us some days, doesn’t it.
And yet here we are… It’s kind of funny what a woman will do in order to achieve a favored ideal, and we’ve been using bugs to get there for years.
In Ancient Egypt women who were… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON: GRIZZLY (1976).
March 27, 2013    Directed by: William Girdler Starring: Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel Distributed: Columbia Pictures/Film Ventures International   I am now and forever grateful for West Coast music festivals.
There are a few reasons:  socially acceptable day time drinking/drug use, people’s general lack of pants, and good music.
January 30, 2013    Tristan Risk TETSUO: THE IRON MAN (1989) Director: Shinya Tsukamoto Country Of Origin: Japan   If I can give a piece of free advice, please don’t start drinking heavily, smoke anything, or ingest any Psilocybin mushrooms.

Because if you are planning to watch TETSUO: THE IRON MAN

you will thank me.
January 25, 2013      Dark Age Director: Arch Nicholson 1987 Country Of Origin: Australia     As I’m currently on holiday in New Zealand, I felt it was appropriate to watch films that include animals that could kill me, just not where I currently am.
As New Zealand has, at worst, slightly aggressive… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON: BRING ME THE HEAD OF MACHINE GUN WOMAN (2012).
January 15, 2013      Bring Me The Head Of The Machine Gun Woman Director: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza Country of Origin: Chile 2012   Being born in the first wave of the video game generation, i.e.
the Nintendo Generation, it is well documented that myself and the rest of my peers have a difficult… LITTLE MISS RISK’S DUNGEON: THE SENTINEL (1977).
January 10, 2013        The Sentinel 1977 Director: Michael Winner   This film is a good one for all of us who have had to listen to our neighbors screwing loudly and then go upstairs and tell them they are being too loud and that you just wanted to see what they… View More   MARTYRS celebrates its anniversary this week.
What do you think of think of this bleak film.

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