Deliver reports to the right people with Qlik NPrinting

Qlik Extended Solutions.

Qlik Extended Analytics Solutions

The Copley Consulting Group offers a variety of Qlik extended solutions for the product line to ensure our clients have the most comprehensive business intelligence solution possible.
Qlik GeoAnalytics, NPrinting, and Data Market create a more robust platform for our clients to provide them advanced analytics across the spectrum of business intelligence needs.
Qlik GeoAnalytics.

Qlik GeoAnalytics not only provides comprehensive mapping capabilities

but also moves beyond visualization with built-in support for a broad range of advanced geoanalytic use cases.
This helps reveal crucial geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships.
It offers high-performance and interactive mapping to easily create maps using automatic-geo-data lookup and overlays them with several different visualization.
By gaining geospatial insight, you can go beyond map visualizations to understand and analyze geospatial relationships not easily interpreted through tables or charts.
Qlik NPrinting.
Develop reports with drag-and-drop simplicity, in a variety of popular formats.
Qlik NPrinting provides the flexibility to deliver reports in a centrally scheduled portal or through a secure, self-service portal, while maintaining the security and integrity of any data.
Deliver reports to the right people with Qlik NPrinting.
You can schedule, generate and deliver reports through a variety of channels.
Filter options allow you to customize reports relevant to the user and through a secure, self-service “newsstand” portal, you can search and subscribe to reports provided by your organization.
Qlik Data Market.

Get the full picture with Qlik DataMarket

Augment and cross-reference your internal data with external sources to add greater context.
Connect multiple data sets with your existing data from one place, in one format.
Packages range from free to specialty topics — all of which are continuously updated with the most recent data.
Review data from a variety of sources to get a full understanding of your business.
Spot trends, opportunities and challenges while gaining perspective.
The fully integrated external data access is effortless.
Data acquisition merges seamlessly with your internal data.
With Qlik DataMarket, you can connect multiple data sets with your existing data from one place, in one format.

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